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Wellness at Work Employee Wellness Program

A Guide to Special Programs to Help Keep Your Staff Healthy

wellness at work Tahoe Forest Hospital District has developed a comprehensive wellness program that has been specifically designed to meet health and wellness needs in the workplace. A healthy workplace delivers many benefits to both employers and employees; healthy employees are more efficient, energetic, alert, happier at work and better able to manage stress. Helping employees stay healthy can also help keep overall company health care costs down.

We invite you to participate in Tahoe Forest Hospital 's Wellness at Work program. This program is not intended to replace an individual's annual physical exam with their primary care physician, but as an additional wellness benefit to complement routine preventive screenings.

Benefits of Participation

Participation in Wellness at Work can improve productivity and morale.

Wellness at Work Packages

All Wellness at Work packages can be customized to fit your group's needs. Packages can be created for basic first-time health screenings to more thorough assessments for people with physically demanding occupations. Let our experts create a package that will help keep your workplace on the road to wellness.

Package components may include:

Additional Screenings Available:

How the Program Works

Prior to the scheduled wellness session, participants will be asked to fill out questionnaires on their medical and occupational health history as well as a questionnaire that will help create an individual wellness profile. The session will begin with a short presentation about the Wellness at Work Program, its overall benefits and how it can improve quality of life. Our staff will explain how the program will be administered and interpret the results. The results of the screenings are completely confidential, and will not be given to the employer unless a release is signed by the employee.

The Occupational Health and Wellness Staff from Tahoe Forest Hospital will come to your site to administer the assessments. Lab screenings will be completed in the morning after participants have fasted for 12-14 hours. Specific lab draw times will be set for all participants. Some screenings and assessments may require a confidential training/conference room type setting on site. Assessment times will vary based on screenings selected.

There will be a group presentation scheduled with an Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietician. The health assessments will be explained along with exercise guidelines and recommendations. The group results will be presented in statistical form to the employer to help identify high risk areas for improvement. A result booklet will also be given to each participant with their individual assessment results.

Corporate Report
Following the completion of the Wellness at Work program, we will develop a corporate report which will inform you of average scores for each assessment category to help identify high-risk areas for the employer group. From these results, we will give group recommendations for follow-up workshops and education.

Physician Referrals
If any abnormal results are found, a physician referral will be given to the participant.

To schedule a Wellness at Work Program or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Tahoe Forest Health Services, (530) 582-3277.

Tahoe Forest Hospital District, 10121 Pine Avenue, PO Box 759, Truckee, CA 96160, (530) 587-6011

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