What is Blue Life?

Blue Life is the name for the umbrella program to manage your total health throughout Tahoe Forest Health System. More than just an app or a card, Blue Life is the easy, digital, secure way to help you achieve your best health.

What is the Blue Life Card?

It's simply a patient access card that links you directly to your Tahoe Forest Hospital or Incline Village Community Hospital electronic medical record for:

  • Easier registration
  • Link to your medical information with added confidence
  • Help in preventing misidentification, medical identity fraud, and erroneous data collection

The card doesn't contain any of your personal health information only an indexed number that links to your medical record when registering at Tahoe Forest Hospital, Incline Village Community Hospital or any of our clinics.

What is the Blue Life App?

The Blue Life web and mobile app is a portal to your Blue Life health and wellness program. And it can empower you in all kinds of ways:

  • Helps you take ownership of your wellness goals
  • Manages and allows you to track your diet, exercise, sleep and more
  • Connects easily to your wearable or smartphone health tracking device
  • Connect with your Blue Life friends for support and encouragement

Download the Blue Life App Now

On your mobile phone, visit your app store to download and install the Blue:life app today!

Find out why life's better when it's Blue.